Photo Credit: LockedIn Photography – Oswego, IL

Welcome to my blog:

Heal, Rise Up, And Ascend! This blog (formally called “Coffee, Conversation and Transformation”) was created to help people like you to transform, heal and to evolve by infusing light, empowerment, awareness and consciousness in to your mind, body, spirit and heart. It was designed expand your thinking, release negativity and fear, and to assist you in elevating your consciousness and discovering your higher purpose, with a little humor along the way.

The posts in this blog are intended to help people think, transform, heal and evolve. This may trigger some demons in you and that is okay. Sometimes you need to be shaken to be awaken. Those triggers are the places within yourself that you need to address and heal.  If you find yourself reading something and suddenly question: “Is that about me?” If that is the case, it probably is to some degree because there’s absolutely some kind of lesson in there for you. If what is posted in this blog doesn’t resonate with you, then the information that is shared perhaps is not meant for you, at least at this time, as we are only able to understand information which we are ready to receive.

You can find recent posts here: https://healriseupandascendwithamber.wordpress.com/coffee-talk-blog-posts/