Read. Read everything. Reading expands your mind and helps you to be a truth seeker!

I’ve been gifting this book out to people that I care about, both near and far. “Handing them out like candy canes” I like to say.

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – November 16, 2021

No matter what you political affiliation is, no matter what your stance is on the “V” and/or b00$ters, no matter how close or removed you are from God/source right now, no matter what your profession is, or your level of education… You’ve. Got. To. Read. This. Book.

And though you cannot force a person to “hear” a message they that they aren’t ready to hear, knowledge is power and the (heavily documented) information in this book that goes back 40+ years can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you want to know why and who is censoring…Read the book.

If you are passionate about children in the fostercare system and/or in orphanages… Read the book.

If you are empathetic towards people with intellectual disabilities or development disabilities… Read the book.

If you want to know the truth about the ceedeecee (spelt this way for the fa¢t ¢heckers)… Read the book.

If you own stocks in certain companies… Read the book and decide where you sit with your ethics…

If you want to know what treatment you SHOULDN’T take to treat a certain…. Read the book.

If you are the decision making for children in your own home or professionally… Read the book.

There are also a handful of people, companies and investors who are mentioned in this book who you may wish to no longer support with your “dollar vote.”

The book is called: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health

It is available in hardcover, kindle and audiobook on Amazon, Barns and Noble, and most anywhere books are sold.


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Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn.

When we were born, we were programmed perfectly.  We had a natural tendency to focus on love.  Our imaginations were creative and flourishing, and we knew how to use them.  We were connected to a world much richer than the one we connect to now, a world full of enchantment and a sense of the miraculous.

So what happened?…Because we were taught to focus elsewhere.  We focus elsewhere.  We were taught to think unnaturally.  We were taught a very bad philosophy, a way of looking at the world that contradicts who we are.

We were taught to think thoughts like competition, struggle, sickness, finite resources, limitation, guilt, bad, death, scarcity, and loss.  We began to think these things, and so we began to know them.  We were taught that things like grades, being good enough, money, and doing things the right way, are more important than love.  We were taught that we’re separate from other people, that we have to compete to get ahead, that we’re not quite good enough the way we are.  We were taught to see the world the way that others had come to see it.  It’s as though, as soon as we got here, we were given a sleeping pill…

Love is what we were born with.  Fear is what we learned here.  The spiritual journey is the relinquishment, or unlearning, of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.  Love is the essential existential fact.  It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth.  To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life.

From: “Born with Love” by Marianne Williamson


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Are too many Social Connections a Friendship Fail? And (internally) what might it mean if you are thirsty to belong to too many cliques?

We all know that one person who belongs to too many social circles. Maybe that person is you?

Better yet, what is a person lacking or searching for, when their circle is too big or they are involved in too many cliques?

Social connections are the relationships you have with the people around you. They may be close, like family, friends, and co-workers, or more distant, like people you know casually. Social ties are obviously important, but how many are too many? And showing the world that you have lots of friends — for example on social media — seems like a winning strategy, or is it??

Though I do feel that we should all be cordial and polite to one another, I am a proponent of keeping my circle small, and my wall high, when it comes to people really knowing me (and even my family) on a deep level.

Quality over quantity

What is your “relationship quality” when you have a lot of social connections or so-called “friends?” And do you hang out with large groups of people because you want to appear to others as being popular or well-liked?

Any kind of social relationship requires some investment of time. It is pretty hard to truly have six or seven equally-good friends. Having a lot of social connections means your social resources become diluted, making you less able to be a good friend. Sounds a little poisonous, no?  

Focusing on having lots of friends can actually make you lose some.  Having too many “friends” can result in stress because this can put a greater demand on you than your ability to balance and handle so many people, obligations and friendships. This feeling of obligation to so many people can be overwhelming and even lead to depressive symptoms. Additionally, when you are connected to so many people, can all of those people be trusted?? And if you misjudge other people’s desire to be friends with you, you might wind up interacting with people in a way that actually makes you less popular.

Looking (socially) thirsty is not a good look

I’ve observed some people, even in mid-life, who come across looking thirsty by inserting themselves, or requesting to be included with this group or that group. Making sure that they are out to dinner with this group, or out for drinks with that one, or arranging play dates with this group of moms, or trying to insert themselves onto this or that guest list.  

image from

On the flip side, what is the motive of others connecting with you, or inviting you to hang out, come for drinks, or for a girls’ dinner? Are they looking to sell you something, or to grow their business, or social media following? Are they connected with you because they know that you know the “tea” (gossip, personal information belonging to someone else; or you have the “scoop!”)? It is healthy for you to look for authenticity in friendships and mutual connections, otherwise these relationships can become exhausting or seem fake.

With age, comes a little wisdom – usually.

As we get older, we tend to prefer close friendships over half-ass friendships, with multiple groups of people. Life gets busier and busier as we get older, and our families and jobs tend to grow and demand more from us. We tend to invest more time in rewarding and meaningful activities and friendships. With that said, it is okay to prune your social network, or social groups and to focus on the individuals and friendships that are more emotionally satisfying,

Which brings me to… What internally might be going on?

Love and feeling like we belong in a community, group or social circle is a basic human need. If you find yourself stretched too thin in too many groups, or seeking out to be in multiple groups, you might what to ask yourself, “What form of basic love am I missing from my life?!”

Are you missing any of these forms of love from your life?

Physical Love (Touch, closeness, presence…)

Mental Love (Understanding, thought provoking…)p

Emotional Love (Feeling seen, connected, or wanted…)

Spiritual Love (Chemistry, energy, meaningful relationships…)

If any of these jump out at you, you might want to do some digging, soul searching, or what some call “shadow work” to help you to learn why you are trying so hard to be in so many social circles. Perhaps it is time to take a break from some of your “casual” social connections and to tighten your circle while you do some inner work?


Food (Shortages) for Thought

*** This post isn’t intended to create fear, or about going out and hoarding food or panic buying, but rather to get people thinking… ***

The photos in this post are from a local grocery store. During my last few trips to the store, the produce section has looked, well, quite scarce. (These photos actually show more stock than what I saw in the same store just two days prior.) I inquired with a few different employees asking why the shelves looked so empty. They told me “The truck hasn’t made it in for a few days,” yet nobody could really explain why the truck couldn’t make it…

This issue isn’t just isolated to my local store or town. If you feel inclined, research the MEANINGS, and look for past PATTERNS IN HISTORY, as they relate to: Food Shortages, Famine and Global Food Scarcity. A lack of food availability can be caused by several factors including wild fires, weather, climate change, war, inflation, crop failure, a labor crisis, population imbalance, pandemics and/or government policies.

More food for thought: Ninety percent, (yes, 90%) of the global trade grain is controlled by just four multinational corporations, there are only NINE big food companies in control of what is sold and bought in retail outlets. (source: Mark Hyman, MD and Author)

As you research these topics, I ask you to consider ways that you can assist your family and your community when it comes to food you have access to. Perhaps it is time to learn how to grow your own food, (and a little extra to help those in your community who are food insecure)? Perhaps it is time to build a relationship with a local farmer, support your local produce stands, or start subscribing to a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription? Perhaps it is time to learn to preserve food and/or start learning how to can food? (Food canning is a method of food preservation in which food is processed and sealed in an airtight container. Canned food typically has a shelf life of 1-5 years.) Perhaps it is time to start building a community garden, (or a few)? Perhaps it is time to become more self-sustainable when it comes to the food we eat? Perhaps…you will come up with a new way?

Again, this post isn’t intended to create fear, or to send you out to panic buy, but rather to get you to expand your thinking and to increase your awareness on the topic of food shortages.

Do you know about a Tool for Understanding ourselves, others and the world around us called Astrology?

Astrology, a spiritual science, is the study of the relationship of the stars and planets to events on Earth and falls more in the category of metaphysics, the study of that which is beyond the physical. The Babylonians are generally credited with the birth of astrology around 2,400 years ago.  Under the concept of astrology, humans are fundamentally affected by the alignment of the stars and planets on the date of their birth.  

Astrology can be used as a powerful and fun tool for understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us. By charting (or making a natal birth chart) and interpreting your zodiac sign, the position of the sun, moon, ruling planet and the rising sign (or ascendant), a personalized blueprint of your potential can be created. After learning an individual’s chart, an astrologer can advise about the various aspects of a person’s life when it comes to love, finances, business, health, spirituality and even self-care.

In many ways, the work of an astrologer is similar to that of a therapist or counselor. However, an astrologer uses an esoteric system to predict and assume aspects of a person’s personality rather than interviewing them over a series of sessions.

Astrology has been popular with world leaders, popes, business people, stock market brokers, and even celebrities. Some well-known people to have admitted to consulting astrologers include Nancy Reagan, Lady Gaga, Theodore Roosevelt and Madonna.


Valentine’s Day, Spiritual Connection and Numerology

I love taking in all of the gorgeous (sometimes over-priced) flowers in the stores this time of year when the temperatures are frigid and snow is piled up on the ground. Single or not, Valentine’s Day is a great day to try to focus on your own happiness and what makes your heart sing.

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day? Use the day as a springboard for developing a new relationship, to buy some books you’ve never read before, to write a letter to a special person or to the universe, to visit an animal shelter or nursing home, or to perform a random act of kindness.

When it comes to numerology, February 14th has special meaning as it offers multiple layers of numeric energies as February is the second month in the Gregorian calendar. Number 2 represents relationships, love, communication and surrender. The 14th day is a number that contains innovative structure applied to communication, usually in a broader perspective that touches many lives, such as through writing, art, media and much more…The month and day total the Number 7, suggesting a spiritual approach to communication, relationships, and discovering cooperative solutions. This shows that the energetic influences of Valentine’s Day has its roots in a deep spiritual connection, and suggests that truly loving relationships come from Spirit, or from Spirit working through others. You express your divine nature through your relationships.

“A person should look for love within, not just outside. As long as you don’t find love within, you can’t find love out there, never, never.” — Baba Muktananda


Placing Saints, Angels, Your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Crystals and Essential oils in your Cancer Fighting Arsenal

I strongly believe in intention/prayer. I believe in the outcome of positive thoughts as your thoughts create your reality. I believe and I have seen how working with those on the other side can assist us in our journey here in the physical world. And last but not least, there are so many healing tools we can utilize that Western and Eastern Medicine don’t necessarily acknowledge when it comes to supportive care.

Some of the healing tools at our disposal are saints, archangels, our personal spiritual team, as well as some metaphysical and ancient medicinal modalities. All of which have been around for centuries and all used to be used and called upon in ancient times. I am not a doctor, nor do I have a medical degree. I have also not walked in the shoes of a cancer patient, though I have known many friends, relatives and acquaintances who have had to fight the disease. Please note that the information in this post is not meant to replace medical treatment or medication.

St. Peregrine – is the patron saint of cancer patients and others suffering from serious illnesses. A few years after being ordained a priest, a cancerous growth appeared on Peregrine’s right foot. The disease was so painful that he finally agreed to have it amputated. The night before the scheduled surgery, Peregrine spent hours in prayer. Then he dozed off and dreamt that Christ was touching him and healing his foot. The thrill of it woke him up. In the dim moonlight he saw that his foot, carefully bandaged a few hours earlier was completely healed The Church has since appointed him patron of persons with cancer, foot ailments, or any incurable disease.

You can call in St. Peregrine for assistance for your own illness, or on behalf of someone else. There are a few variations of catholic prayers with such requests that you can use. You don’t need to pray or say the words exactly as they are written as everything is intention, and your request (prayer, meditation, conversation) should be between you and St. Peregrine.

Archangel Raphael – is known as the angel of healing. He works to heal people’s minds, spirits, and bodies so they can enjoy peace and good health. Except in situations where death or illness is part of the overall divine plan, Archangel Raphael will energetically promote healing and often brings to mind fresh information or new ideas that you can use as valuable tools to pursue healing from whatever is ailing you…. Archangel Raphael tends to communicate through thoughts, feelings, dreams, and visions. To work with Archangel Raphael on your healing, call him in and ask him to assist you what you are in need of. You can also call upon him to help loved ones and friend. You can do this in the form of a prayer or by simply asking out loud or silently in your head. He will hear your call.

Your Spiritual Team – We all have people on the other side who want to help us here in the physical world, but we need to ask for their assistance in order to help us. We a variety of spirit guides who come and go over our journey (who we may or may not know their names or from this lifetime), we have a team of various angels, and we can’t forget about our ancestors – anyone in our lineage who has come before us. It is okay if you don’t know the names of these individuals, or what they look like. You can call on your spiritual team to assist you with whatever you need. You can do this in prayer form, by asking out loud or even silently in your head. You may want start with…”Dear Spiritual Team… please assist me with….).

Crystals – Though many medical doctors and scientists refer to crystal healing as a pseudoscience, healing crystals date back some 6,000 years and remain popular at health spas and in the alternative medicine arena.

When it comes to battling cancer, Crystals can complement your treatment. They can be worn as jewelry, placed in your hand, your pocket or even your purse or bag. Some people like to hold them in their hand while they mediate, pray, or as they are sitting for their treatment. Below I have listed some crystals said to aid in the fight against cancer. They can be used together, separately or in any combination that a person sees fit.


  • Aids the Endocrine System
  • Balances emotional highs and lows
  • Boosts immunity, strengthens organs and cell renewal
  • Calms anxiety and emotional trauma
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves pain
  • Said to be anti-inflammatory – helps to reduce growths and swelling


  • Aids with speaking up (i.e. with doctors, family or care-takers)
  • Promotes courage


  • Enhances and balances life force energy
  • Heals physical and emotional bodies
  • Increases self-worth
  • Instills courage
  • Connects the Spirit and Body
  • Supports the reproductive organs


  • Calms Nerves
  • Energizes with positivity
  • Brings peace to your surroundings
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Strengthens Endurance, Willpower and inner strength
  • Reduces Depression

Red Jasper

  • Promotes emotional and physical well-being
  • Boosts circulation
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Detoxes the body

Rose Quartz

  • Assists in emotional healing
  • Dissolves negativity and grief


  • Cleanses the auric field


  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body

Smokey Quartz

  • Can assist you in accepting your physical body
  • Detoxifying
  • Helps to keep you grounded in the present moment
  • Neutralizes negative energy
  • Protects your energy
  • Raises energy vibration
  • Reduces symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Relieves depression

These are just a sampling of crystals and some of their healing properties. If you are interested in learning more about crystals and their meanings, there are many books on the market. One of the first that I added to my collection years ago is “The Crystal Experience” by Judy Hall. You can also find a lot of information about crystals and their healing properties on the internet.

Essential Oils – Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. Essential oils have healing properties and uses that have been around since Jesus’ time. (You may wish to read the book: “Healing Oils of the Bible” by David Stewart). When it comes to cancer, you may wish you explore some of the following essential oils. Be sure to educate yourself on how to use them – topical application, inhalation, or, in some cases, consumption. Each oil has its own specific health benefits, so patients must find the oils that work best for their specific health concerns. Some you, or someone you love, may wish to consider:

  • Bergamot – helps with stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue
  • Chamomile – calming, said to fight cancer cells
  • Frankincense – contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ginger – stimulates appetite, help ease nausea and vomiting, and helps with bowel problems
  • Lavender – promotes relaxation and calming, improves sleep, said to assist with pain and depression
  • Peppermint – helps with nausea and fatigue
  • Tea Tree – to assist any areas with radiation exposure, also fights bacteria

All of these suggested healing modalities have been around for centuries. And though you may not be open to trying all of them, what will it hurt to give a few a try alongside your current cancer treatment plan?


Are you Aware of the Health Problems that are Linked to certain Chemicals Found in many Hand Sanitizers?

I am not a doctor, or a licensed medical professional. The information that I share is from personal experience and research.  I am not paid or endorsed for any of the products that I mention on my blog.

My children are back in the classroom for school and I find the amount of times per day that they are directed to use hand sanitizer to be alarming!!! Teachers and staff aren’t to be blamed, as they are following the rules that have been passed down to them. Rules and procedures are what they are, but we still need to be mindful of what we are putting in/on our bodies, and our children’s bodies.

Do you know what is lurking in your hand sanitizer??

Hand sanitizers often contain chemicals called parabens that prevent the growth of bacteria. They’ve been linked to a host of dangerous health problems including cancer, (as well as breast cancer), neurotoxicity and endocrine disruptions. They can affect fertility, and make for hormone problems and reproductive toxicity.  These parabens can weaken the human immune system, as well as create antibiotic resistance. And lastly, they can cause skin irritation, including Eczema; and they can also speed up the skin’s aging process.  It is important to avoid labels that include these (way too common) parabens such as: butylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben.

When necessary, I like to use less toxic versions of hand sanitizer, some of which are pictured below. (I am not paid or endorsed for any of the products that I mention on my blog.)


I am amazed on almost a daily basis at how many people I know are unaware of the harmful effects of hand sanitizer. It also startles me when I have heard others say that all of the hand sanitizer use is a “good thing.” When you know better, you do better. PLEASE RESEARCH the harmful/negative effects of hand sanitizer. I promise that it will shift your awareness.


Empath Fact: Some People will Dislike You for Having a Faster (or Higher) Vibration

Someone taking a dislike to another is a completely normal and acceptable part of life. We are all different and there will always be some people we do not get along with, or who do not get along with us, however do you know that some people will take an automatic dislike to an empath simply because of their vibration or frequency? We empaths tend to have a higher vibration. This happens for a handful of reasons:

Your vibration is the frequency that your physical body resonates at.

 – We use different techniques to cleanse our energy because we pick up energy that isn’t ours along the way.

 – We are aware of who and what drains our energy and we avoid it, or don’t absorb it, when possible.

 – And we tend to make positive changes to our mind and bodies regarding how we care for them and what we put into them.

You might notice that you are disliked or rejected by those who need to be around people with lower vibrations. Similarly to how we empaths prefer to NOT be around people who full of negativity, there are other people who cannot stand to be around those of us who have a higher vibration.  You might also find that sometimes low-vibrational people try to bring you down and extinguish your happiness when given the opportunity to do so. You need to remember that not everyone is ready to raise their vibration or even wants to.

My best advice is to not lower your vibration in order to fit in or to be liked. Keep spreading your light and come to terms with the fact that when you come across people like this, they aren’t your people. Wish them well, thank them for their part in your journey and move on.

You can learn more about your vibration/frequency here:

You can learn more about being an empath here:

In Order to Shift your Awareness, You must become a “Truth Seeker”

In Order to Shift your Awareness/Consciousness, You must become a “Truth Seeker”

If ever there was a time on this planet to seek the truth, now might be as good of a time as any.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t “Truth Seekers.” It is impossible to shift your awareness (or your “consciousness”) while being opposed to reality. Most people don’t seek the truth or even want to know the truth because they prefer to look for things that make them feel comfort, pleasure and/or approval. Many people only want truth if it makes them feel good, and when it starts to get uncomfortable or feel bad – they look the other way.

detectiveAs a “Truth Seeker” you must be willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads, and you need to be willing to not go along with what the majority of other people believe, or think they have heard. It is important to note that the “truth” isn’t necessarily found in social media memes, posts, or re-shared stories; your news sources, or from one of your drinking buddies. The evidence trail usually needs to be followed deeper to get to the truth. When seeking the truth, you need to be willing to put aside your beliefs, religion, previous teachings, things you were taught as a child, your programming and your own biases, so you can be open without resistance or hesitation to what you may discover, even if it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable and contradicts everything you believe. Nothing should be off limits or safe from criticism and you SHOULD question everything! As you shift your awareness, you will start to see clearly without the filter of your conditioned mind. When you seek the truth, you shift your consciousness to a higher level of well-being.



You Don’t Need to Have Gone Though any Spiritual or Religious Training to Bless People, Places, or Things Around You.

We all have the power to send a blessing to another person, a specific area or to things (like food) before we eat it.  You don’t need to be religious, belong to a certain church or even have any specific religious or spiritual training to send a blessing. You can simple asked that something be “blessed” or you can ask that God/Source, Angels and even Spirit Guides bless…(fill in the blank.)

When you “bless” another person, place or thing, you raise its vibration. And, not that we are looking for anything in return, but when we send a blessing, we also raise our own vibration.

Recently, when illness, violence and fear started to spread during the Covid Pandemic and the riots in the city of Chicago, I would go for a walk each morning and send a blessing. When I got to the park that I consider to be the center of my neighborhood, I would picture a ball of light. I would ask “God, Angels and My Spirit Guides to… “Please bless and protect my neighborhood, my town, my county, my state, my country and the world from illness, violence, hate, and fear.” As I did this, I would picture the white light going out in a spiral, and I would visualize it first covering my town, my county, then the state, the United States, and then the entire globe. I did also say the town’s name, along with the county and state’s name, but there is no wrong way to send a blessing. When I was done asking for the blessing, I would say “thank you” or “and so it is.”

When it came to the above-mentioned blessing, I did ask assistance from God, Angels, and my Spirit Guides most of the time, but there were times that I also asked Mother Mary to assist, and I called upon Jesus Christ, as well. Again, there is no wrong way to send a blessing, just like there isn’t a wrong way to pray. My mentors have always taught me that as long as the intention is there, all is fine.

be blessedHere are some other examples on how to send a blessing:

  • As you say goodbye to someone, you can wish them to “Have a blessed day!” or “Bless your heart!”
  • Before you eat, you can say out loud or in your head, “Bless this food!
  • Maybe you see someone out in public, or at work who is going through something or struggling with something. In your head, you can say, “Bless that person.”
  • You can also ask that animals and geographic locations be blessed.
  • You can send a blessing to buildings, such as to schools. An example would be “Please bless and protect (i.e. School) and all of the students and staff who are there.”
  • You can also send a blessing to your children, family members and your friends.

The list can go on and on….

If this resonates with you, or you feel the pull to do so, try sending a blessing to someone or something today. When you are done, see if anything feels lighter or different to you.


Empath Fact: Some People will Dislike You for being too Quiet or Standoffish in a Social Setting

Someone taking a dislike to another is a completely normal and acceptable part of life. We are all different and there will always be some people we do not get along with, or who do not get along with us, however do you know that some people will take an automatic dislike to an empath simply because you are being too quiet, or too standoffish in a social setting.

Empaths tend to detach when we start to feel overloaded in social situations, especially if there is a lot going on, a lot of noise, stimuli and/or a crowd of people. We may get quiet or seem a bit standoffish and many around us can wrongly interpret our behavior as being snobbish. Those around us who are more insecure in nature can become offended and take our quietness as a form of disrespect and in return, take a dislike towards us, or at the very least, comment behind our backs. Because others don’t feel what an Empath feels, it is difficult for them to understand.

My advice is to make appearances at events and places that you feel comfortable with and don’t feel that you need to stay until the very end. Also, protect your energy prior to going to a social gathering and re-protect yourself as the event goes on. You may also find that certain crystals help you. I find that Black Tourmaline is helpful for protecting my energy and that selenite works well for me for cleansing my energy. (Some people suggest using amethyst for energy protection, but I found that just drew more “stuff” in for me as amethyst assist with intuition.) You can work with Archangel Michael to help you to shield. You can also set intentions before going to gatherings and events. I use something like: “Please only allow me to absorb any energies that I am meant to heal or to take on.” (You can use what works best for you.)

I offer Empath Mentoring as a service. You can learn more here:

Love Will Raise Your Consciousness

Did you know that 💟 LOVE 💟 is the most connective of all emotions and thus love RAISES CONSCIOUSNESS? By raising your consciousness, you become more aware of everything: YOURSELF, other PEOPLE, your surroundings, and the WORLD around you!

Have you been releasing anything lately? Or have you noticed certain things falling away from you/your life??

Have you been releasing anything lately? Or have you noticed certain things falling away from you/your life?? During this time, things that are not serving our highest good are clearing away. We are going through a bit of a cleanse or a detox right now.
What has changed, disappeared or altered?
What about your JOB or the way that you do your job? Are you really going to ever be back in your place of work 5 days a week from 9-5 if you can be productive from home? Is business travel necessary if meetings can take place online? Maybe you are re-evaluating a different career path all together or looking for an alternative source of income?
What about the PEOPLE you normally would hang out with, or your RELATIONSHIPS? Many of us haven’t been able to have physical contact with those in our social circle, but have some of those people started to show you their true colors in recent months? Maybe by how they are handling the pandemic? Maybe they have shown you through their social media posts? Maybe things are coming to light, or to the surface in one way or another? Are “your people” maybe not the people who you thought that they were? Are you evolving to the point that you don’t relate to some of the people you used to hang with? Maybe you have realized that it it time to move on?
What about your daily BEAUTY ROUTINE? (That has clearly changed while most of us have been home for the past few month.) If you’ve lived without certain products or services up to this point, do you really ever need all of them again? Maybe you are re-evaluating your spending habits and have decided there are things in your daily beauty routine that you can live without? Maybe you can find things in your cabinets or pantries at home that work just as good as expensive store bought products?
What about your FASHION CHOICES? After we’ve dressed in comfort for so long, why would we ever want to suffer in tight or uncomfortable clothing again? Maybe you have realized that you only wear a few outfits or the same pieces of clothing on a regular basis and there isn’t a need for many of the items in your closet that you thought that you needed? What about the “quality” of the clothes or shoes that you buy? Are you maybe considering if you purchased better-made items, they would last longer and you would not have replace things as often, or produce as much waste when you discard worn out items?
Are you not into REALITY TV like you used to be? Perhaps the “drama” seems tone deaf lately? Or perhaps, just like in other places in our world, you see the “masks” falling off of the people you follow/watch and they are not the people they portrayed themselves to be in their show or social media? Perhaps you’ve come to realize that you have better things to do with your time than watch senseless drama?
What about the choice of BUSYNESS? Was running around to your kids’ 10,000 activities really serving your family’s highest good? When things resume, will all of these activities be asked for by your children or enjoyed?
Are you re-evaluating your current FOOD SOURCE? Are you releasing the idea that you need to depend on a store for your food? Maybe you are deciding that you or your community can produce your own food or use local resources to get what you need?
What about traditional EDUCATION? What is actually needed for learning when it comes to the location and time spent learning?
When you release things, or the idea of things, that no longer serve your highest good, you are making room for the things that do or will serve your highest good! CHANGE will come with this cleanse or detox, and for many, change can be scary. If you release what is no longer serving your highest good, you will make room for better things, for a better way of life, to come your way. Start taking notice of what is changing, disappearing or being altered in your life and in the world right now as we go through this cleanse.

Accepting What is, and Manifesting Love, Hope, and Compassion!

Accepting “what is” is a “recognition” of what is going on around us and not necessarily an “agreement” to what is happening. With that said, what are your thoughts manifesting?? (I hope that it isn’t fear.) Remember if something is “real” in your brain, it will be “real” in the physical. In this potent time, what do you wish to attract? Negativity, resistance, anger, disappointment, chaos or fear? Or love, hope, abundance, inspiration and compassion?

Emotions carry their own vibration. When you come from a place of fear or doubt, you decrease your vibration. Emotions like love, peace, or joy carry a vibration between 500–600hz, while fear vibrates at 100hz?

94021886_862141730974215_6444068016366813184_oIt is vital that you align your thoughts to manifest positive outcomes. (This doesn’t mean you are walking around “happy” with what is going on in the world around you, but rather how you are reacting to it.) When you come from a place of love, peace, or joy, you are not just raising your own vibration, but doing your part to raise the vibration of your home, your neighborhood, your town, your state and even that of the planet as a whole. Something so useful right now.

You can raise your vibration through meditation, grounding (or earthling); listening to music or singing; utilizing a creative outlet, focusing on gratitude, spending time in nature, as well as accepting what is.

It is also helpful to remember to stay hydrated, mindful of what you eat, and take breaks from both the news and social media as needed, if not all together.

Accept what is and do your best to try to raise your vibration. It is something small we can do, but its impact ripples far wider than you think.


Would you like to elevate your vibration and remove confusion or disorder between you and another?

Would you like to elevate your vibration and remove confusion or disorder between you and another? I have a quick, little exercise that you can do anywhere: I want you to send *love* to someone who bothers you. At first, this may not be easy, but you will feel freer every time you do it. When you send love to someone who you feel has wronged you, you are practicing unconditional love and compassion. In return, you will feel better and more empowered. When practicing unconditional love and compassion, you raise your own vibration.  When we raise our own vibration, we elevate the vibration of the planet as well. I don’t know of any better time to do this? Can you?

Man Standing Raise your Vibration2

I first wrote about this exercise back in January of 2019. You can re-visit it here:

What if stay-at-home orders, quarantining and social distancing are giving us the space and time that we need to reflect and evaluate the current path that we are on?

91436211_848307212357667_7070134176355188736_oWhat if stay-at-home orders, quarantining and social distancing are giving us the space and time that we need to reflect and evaluate the current path that we are on?
What if during this time, we are being given the opportunity to make changes or adjustments, or to choose an entirely different path all together?


What if you took a Mental Health Day Away from Covid-19?

What if you took a Mental Health Day Away from Covid-19?

What if you distanced yourself away from the news, other people’s opinions, empty store shelves and social media for just one day?

It is fair to say that we are all suffering from Covid-19 Overwhelm. Too much of anything is never a good thing and sometimes too much information can send you down the rabbit hole. I am also a firm believer that if information needs to get to you, it will find you.

Under normal circumstances we all deal with  varying levels of stress in our day-to-day lives, but throw in a pandemic, and there are many new layers of stress added personally, professionally, emotionally and even physically. Anytime you feel that your stress level is about to reach its peak, it is time to hit the reset button. What if you took a day and hit the reset button?

What if you took a Mental Health Day Away from Covid-19What if you hit the reset button by turning off the news on your TV or electronic devices? The same news will be there tomorrow. And as I said before, I am a firm believer that if information needs to get to you, it will find you.

What if for a day you ignore any text messages from friends or family that have to do with the virus? And likewise, what if YOU refrain for a day from sending or forwarding around any text messages to friends or family that have to do with health information, funny memes or do I dare say a “designated Corona Prayer?” Don’t take this the wrong way, we should ALL be praying during this time but there is no “one-size-fits-all” prayer that if the chain gets broken by someone not forwarding it we are all screwed.

What if for a day you stayed out of the store? Looking at empty shelves that are missing necessities doesn’t help anybody’s stress level. Observing others dashing in and out of aisles like the virus is going to “bite them” while they are stocking piling for the end of the world can get under one’s skin and get in your head, too.

This may be the hardest suggestion yet, but what if you don’t participate in anything on social media that has to do with the Corona Virus for just a day? And by this I mean, you aren’t giving your time, energy or attention to any so-called (debatable) stats and facts, memes, images or news stories that appear in your news feed. What if you refrained from beating others over the head about how they need to be staying home with your posts, comments and temporary profile picture? (I get it, you feel that by spreading the word you are helping the situation or feel that you have a piece of control when everything seems out of control, but really, you are just beating more people up who are already feeling down. The ones who are not staying home or social distancing are not at home on social media to see you telling them to stay at home!)

Take a mental health day and do something that you enjoyed doing before all of the started. Do something that you find to be relaxing, try to rest, or try something that you have always wanted to do.  I promise that you will feel more balanced if you distance yourself from the news, information and the many opinions surrounding the virus and the fall out around it.  Even if it is just for a day, try to ignore it and leave it in a corner like a misbehaved child and go fill your head with something else.

Forty Ways to Keep Busy

spending timeQuarantine for many is terrifying. Maybe you are finding yourself with more time on your hands than what you are used to?   Maybe you feel that you have less time? Time is a gift and we get to choose how we use it. Here is a list of 40 things that you can do to honor the time that you have been given.

  1. Get plenty of rest. (Rest keeps your body and mind healthy and strong.)
  2. Bake something. If you make a double batch, share with someone. Baking can also help with stress as some find it to be calming and soothing.
  3. Be present. To be present means to have your focus, your attention, your thoughts you’re your feelings all on the task is at hand. You are present when you let go of the past and you don’t focus on the future.
  4. Check-in with family, friends, and neighbors to see how they are doing. You can see if anybody needs anything.
  5. Clean your home, vehicle, and garage. A messy, dirty, or cluttered space can make a person feel anxious and less focused.
  6. De-clutter cabinets, drawers and closets. Clutter is nothing but unprocessed memories. Clear the clutter and give what you no longer need away. If you aren’t able to donate items, put them aside in a box and when you hear of someone needing something, go to that box and give  what is in need away.
  7. Detox your social media feeds and contacts. You are what you read and come in contact with every day. Social media is a magnet for negativity and fear and it has the ability to ignite panic and false information at an exponential rate. Protect your own energy and mental state by unfriending, un-following, hiding posts and/or muting people who spread negativity and fear into your world.
  8. Educate yourself on how to preserve food.
  9. Email or call local non-profit organizations in your area and ask how you can be of assistance.
  10. Establish a community garden where you live.
  11. Exercise your intuition and learn to trust it. We all have intuition. Gut feelings are intuition.
  12. Fill your home or space with positive energy. Play music, open the windows to let fresh air in, pull back the curtains to let natural light flow in, invite nature in with houseplants, hang things that make you happy, or add some color around you.
  13. Find a personal mantra or daily prayer that you can say when you get up in the morning or throughout your day. A personal mantra is an affirmation to motivate and inspire you to be your best self. It is typically a positive phrase or statement that you use to affirm the way you want to live your life.
  14. Find things or do things that make you laugh.
  15. Get familiar old fashioned remedies that you already have in your cabinets with things like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, baking soda, cinnamon and turmeric (to name a few).
  16. Get moving! Exercise, walk, move your body or dance.
  17. If you are religious, use this time to strengthen your relationship with your God/Creator. If you are spiritual, use this time to strengthen your spirituality.
  18. If/when you start planting your garden, plant a little extra for neighbors and strangers.
  19. Incorporate gratitude into your day. Go for a walk and in your head think about what you are grateful for, or before you go to bed at night, recite a list and give thanks for what you are grateful for.
  20. Incorporate uplifting sound into your day through music, chanting or church hymns.
  21. If you have children, have them journal as well.
  22. Learn deep breathing techniques. Deep breathing can decrease stress, stimulate the lymphatic system and increase both immunity and energy.
  23. Learn to meditate. Meditation clears the mind, calms the body and helps with decision making.
  24. Look around your home for ways you can scale back on your water and electrical use.
  25. Observe how much food you waste and make changes accordingly.
  26. Offer support to first responders, hospital workers, and public health officials in your area.
  27. Organize old family photos. (If you have children, teach them about relatives in old photos.)
  28. Read the books you have never started. Re-read books that you already have read.
  29. Reconnect your body to the earth. This is also known as grounding (or earthing). Grounding neutralizes free radicals. One way to ground is to walk barefoot outside.
  30. Research and get familiar with the term “Mutual Aid.” Imagine living it.
  31. Search your home for items that you can fix or repurpose instead of throwing away.
  32. Share whatever you have with another.
  33. Smile at others.
  34. Spend time outside in nature.
  35. Start something you have always wanted to start like a hobby, an organization or a skill set.
  36. Take the time to write a letter or send a card to somebody who matters to you. Teach your children how to write a letter or note and mail it off.
  37. Teach yourself to play an instrument.
  38. Throw your weight behind anyone willing to take on difficulty for the well-being of the collective.
  39. Unsubscribe from email and mail solicitations that you no longer need or want.
  40. Use this time to release grudges and forgive those who you think have wronged you.

How are you spending your time? Drop me a line or comment below to let me know.



Keep Calm! What if COVID-19 (a.k.a. The Coronavirus) is Just a Paradigm Shift?

shift photo

Keep Calm! What if COVID-19 (a.k.a. The Coronavirus) is Just a Paradigm Shift?

What if the “Virus” is doing exactly what it is supposed to do?  To dismantle which no longer serves us?

I know that it is hard right now, but it is VERY important to NOT get swept up in the panic and anxiety surrounding what is going on in the world around us right now. The fear and panic is manifesting low (negative or heavy) vibrational energy. PLEASE DO NO ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE DRAGGED DOWN. It is important that we all hold ourselves at a HIGHER VIBRATIONAL LEVEL.  What if the “Coronavirus” is really just a paradigm shift? A paradigm shift is defined as “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking, or doing something, is replaced by a new and different way.”  What if this shift will bring about changes within us, within our society and even within our planet? What if this shift or change will make us look at the world around us differently and as a result we will go about our daily lives differently? What if this shift helps us to shed what no longer serves us, or our highest good? What if this shift teaches us to get back to basics and live a simpler life? What if this shift opens our eyes to the idea that sharing makes more sense than trying to be successful on our own? This isn’t a bad thing, it is just different than what we are used to. What if all of this “down-time” we are experiencing is giving us time to hit the “reset button” along with time to think and reflect? Change can be scary, but that is why it is important that we keep our vibrational levels high (positive).  We must not react from a place of fear, but from a place of compassion. Things like war, violence, racism, greed and hatred are NOT the answer. We cannot solve any problem if we remain at a low vibration. If you want to do your part in smoothing the transition that we are currently experiencing, raise your vibration.