What if Emotions are not “bad” or “good” but simply “comfortable” or “uncomfortable?” What if you Listen to what they are telling you?

emptionsEach uncomfortable emotion is trying to tell us something, we just need to listen. If we dig deep, we can use our emotions as a compass to guide us and to help us to grow and evolve. When we suppress, or ignore our emotions we don’t work through the parts of us that needs to heal or grow, we let our emotions control us. We don’t control them. If we continually don’t acknowledge them, or better yet LEARN from them, they can lead us down a dark hole.

Here is a list of what your emotions could reveal or show you. Do any of them make sense to you right now?

Anger: Reveals your passion, where your boundaries are and what you believe needs to be changed. Is your anger geared towards work-life, home-life, a family situation, or a community issue?

Bitterness: Shows that there is a need to heal. It shows you that there are still judgments you’re holding towards others or yourself. (This is a big one in my family that people have issues dealing with.)

Disappointment: Tells you that you’ve tried to make a change that you didn’t give in completely. It shows that you still care.

Guilt: Conveys that you’re living your life through other’s expectations of how THEY think you should be, act or feel.

Resentment: Communicates the emotion that shows you that you are living in the past and not in the present moment. This can happen when you don’t accept your present circumstances or situation.

Sadness: Can communicate to you the depth of your feelings. How much you care for others or the world around you.

Shame: Exhibits an internalization of other people’s beliefs about who (they think) you should be or (think) you are.

emptions peacefulWhenever you experience a negative emotion, take a moment and stop and listen and try to understand why this emotion exists. It’s your body and soul speaking out to you that something is out of balance and needs adjusting. That is not a bad thing. The sooner you adjust it. The better. If you don’t, it may keep manifesting.

I’d love to hear how you listened to your emotion(s) and adjusted accordingly. You can reply in the comments section below or join the discussion on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/JoinTheDiscussionCoffeeConversationTransformation/

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