Empaths can Remove Accumulated Energy by Taking a Shower or a Bath

This is a tip that I learned as an Empath, but you don’t need to be an Empath in order to benefit from it. We all pick up energy throughout our day. Empaths are sponges and pick up the energy from others.  Empaths pick up energy at work, at the store, while sitting in traffic, as well as from each person you interact with, and even from what we watch on T.V. or listen to on the radio. The energy you pick up accumulates in your body and can lead to fatigue, physical aches and pains and even anxiety. A quick way to cleanse and get rid of this accumulated energy is to immerse yourself in water or to take a shower. (Of course a dip in the ocean or mineral spring is also nice, but not necessarily easily accessible to everyone.)

If you choose to take a bath, you may wish to add sea salt, Epsom salt, and/or essential oils to the water. If it is a shower that you prefer, you can visualize the water from the shower head being a gold or white light washing over your body. (I find this to be re-charging.) Then, as the water runs off your body you can visualize energy that isn’t yours, (or any energy that is negative) washing away down the drain. You can also ask out loud that “any energy that isn’t yours, or which is not serving your highest good, be washed away.” It is as simple as that.


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