How we Eliminated the Need for Asthmatic Medication in our Household

I am not a doctor, or a medical professional. The information that I share is from personal experience. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional before exploring alternative avenues as they relate to you and your family’s health. I am not paid or endorsed for any of the products that I mention on my blog.

One of my children was diagnosed with asthma around the age of pre-school. It was identified right around the time that there was a nasty, upper respiratory infection going around that we caught. From that time forward, we were on nebulizers, steroids, nose sprays and then multiple inhalers and all sorts of allergy medicines over the years. As time went on, more and more meds were thrown our way and we were told that allergy shots should be considered.

Fast forward to just a few years ago, I took my children to see the Alternative Medicine Professional who I check-in with a few times a year. During the visit, she brought to my attention that “Asthma” is technically a fungus in the lungs. If you take care of the fungus, good-bye asthma.

“Wait!” “What?” “Nobody had ever mentioned this to me before, just take more meds instead!” I think my eyes fell out of my head. I was like, “You mean asthma can be “cured” in a sense?” The answer was “Yes!”

both medsShe suggested that we take a homeopathic Asthma product called “Desbio – Asthma Plus” for a few weeks, along with a product called “Oregacillin, which was basically an oregano and spice extract. After a while, she suggested that we eliminate the Desbio product, and just use the Oregacillian as regular maintenance. (The Oregacillian is for anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-spasmatic uses. It is used to boost immunity and support respiratory health.)

She also suggested that we don’t quit our regular allergy and asthma meds cold turkey, either. She suggested that we use the alternatives that she suggested in conjunction with our normal protocols and then eventually see if we can wean off of some of  our regular meds.

Well albeit, within a few weeks I noticed a BIG difference in my child. We DID start to wean off of the traditional meds and even inhalers. We weaned off to the point of only needing to incorporate the “traditional meds” if we got hit with a bad allergy week, or if a nasty bug. The few times we have been zapped, we’ve been able to hop back off of the traditional medicines again and just use the alternative medicines. It has been about three years now and I’m happy to say that our nebulizer is collecting dust!

Now, I do need to mention the fact that as kids get older, it is possible that they outgrow asthma. But based on what I witnessed in my child’s health, I can say I saw a change with using the alternative medicine products.

What worked for my family may or may not work for you and your family. Again, I am not a healthcare professional, but I think that it is  important for me to share my experience with you to help you to see that you can shift your awareness to different alternatives when it comes to you and your family’s health.


Do you have a Mid-Day Routine??

Empaths are sponges and we pick up the energy from others everywhere. We pick up energy at work, at the store, at a stoplight, from each person we interact with, to what we watch on T.V. or listen to on the radio. The energy you pick up accumulates in your body throughout the day. Because of this, it is important to give yourself permission to pause, reset, and re-tune in the middle of the day. Your mid-day break doesn’t have to be a long one, or consist of anything that is too complex. Your break can be a short walk outside, a quick meditation, or even time with an animal or pet.