Valentine’s Day, Spiritual Connection and Numerology

I love taking in all of the gorgeous (sometimes over-priced) flowers in the stores this time of year when the temperatures are frigid and snow is piled up on the ground. Single or not, Valentine’s Day is a great day to try to focus on your own happiness and what makes your heart sing.

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day? Use the day as a springboard for developing a new relationship, to buy some books you’ve never read before, to write a letter to a special person or to the universe, to visit an animal shelter or nursing home, or to perform a random act of kindness.

When it comes to numerology, February 14th has special meaning as it offers multiple layers of numeric energies as February is the second month in the Gregorian calendar. Number 2 represents relationships, love, communication and surrender. The 14th day is a number that contains innovative structure applied to communication, usually in a broader perspective that touches many lives, such as through writing, art, media and much more…The month and day total the Number 7, suggesting a spiritual approach to communication, relationships, and discovering cooperative solutions. This shows that the energetic influences of Valentine’s Day has its roots in a deep spiritual connection, and suggests that truly loving relationships come from Spirit, or from Spirit working through others. You express your divine nature through your relationships.

“A person should look for love within, not just outside. As long as you don’t find love within, you can’t find love out there, never, never.” — Baba Muktananda


Would you like to elevate your vibration and remove confusion or disorder between you and another?

Would you like to elevate your vibration and remove confusion or disorder between you and another? I have a quick, little exercise that you can do anywhere: I want you to send *love* to someone who bothers you. At first, this may not be easy, but you will feel freer every time you do it. When you send love to someone who you feel has wronged you, you are practicing unconditional love and compassion. In return, you will feel better and more empowered. When practicing unconditional love and compassion, you raise your own vibration.  When we raise our own vibration, we elevate the vibration of the planet as well. I don’t know of any better time to do this? Can you?

Man Standing Raise your Vibration2

I first wrote about this exercise back in January of 2019. You can re-visit it here:

What if Emotions are not “bad” or “good” but simply “comfortable” or “uncomfortable?” What if you Listen to what they are telling you?

emptionsEach uncomfortable emotion is trying to tell us something, we just need to listen. If we dig deep, we can use our emotions as a compass to guide us and to help us to grow and evolve. When we suppress, or ignore our emotions we don’t work through the parts of us that needs to heal or grow, we let our emotions control us. We don’t control them. If we continually don’t acknowledge them, or better yet LEARN from them, they can lead us down a dark hole.

Here is a list of what your emotions could reveal or show you. Do any of them make sense to you right now?

Anger: Reveals your passion, where your boundaries are and what you believe needs to be changed. Is your anger geared towards work-life, home-life, a family situation, or a community issue?

Bitterness: Shows that there is a need to heal. It shows you that there are still judgments you’re holding towards others or yourself. (This is a big one in my family that people have issues dealing with.)

Disappointment: Tells you that you’ve tried to make a change that you didn’t give in completely. It shows that you still care.

Guilt: Conveys that you’re living your life through other’s expectations of how THEY think you should be, act or feel.

Resentment: Communicates the emotion that shows you that you are living in the past and not in the present moment. This can happen when you don’t accept your present circumstances or situation.

Sadness: Can communicate to you the depth of your feelings. How much you care for others or the world around you.

Shame: Exhibits an internalization of other people’s beliefs about who (they think) you should be or (think) you are.

emptions peacefulWhenever you experience a negative emotion, take a moment and stop and listen and try to understand why this emotion exists. It’s your body and soul speaking out to you that something is out of balance and needs adjusting. That is not a bad thing. The sooner you adjust it. The better. If you don’t, it may keep manifesting.

I’d love to hear how you listened to your emotion(s) and adjusted accordingly. You can reply in the comments section below or join the discussion on Facebook at:

What if You Put Yourself “On a Break” Before Starting a New Relationship?

I am a firm believer that lessons are continually taught until they are learned. I feel that this thought also extends in to relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but friendships as well.  Processing past relationships, before moving on to the next one, can help you to evolve and prevent you from repeating previous mistakes. And honestly, there is positive in all relationships.

Many of us have been there before, myself included. You barely get out of one relationship before you are on to the next. Sometimes we have someone in the works before we end one relationship. We like to have a “back up.” Sometimes we started a new relationships before ending the previous one. We glide from one to the next basically because we can ignore any pain or accountability in between. It helps our ego to not feel alone or to be alone. It helps us to fulfill social engagements and helps others to feel “successful” on some level. But sooner or later… the continuous motion of going from one relationship to the next eventually hits us in the face, if we don’t hit rock bottom first. When any relationship comes to an end, it can affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sometimes it is just the most recent relationship that we need to face and deal with, and other times, if we have ignored what went wrong in past relationships, we have more work to do as there are more issues and emotions that need to come to the surface and be dealt with.

When you give yourself some time in between each relationship, you allow yourself time to heal and to reflect. For most, this isn’t fun. Sitting in silence… single…and alone…can be defining for some. Giving yourself “time” before jumping into another friendship, relationship, or even casually dating again, gives you a chance to see what was good and bad about your past relationship that you can either change or pull forward into the next one.

relationshipsFor example, is there something about your last friend or partner that you won’t put up with again in a future relationship? What about your friend(s) or partner(s) before that? Can you see a trend of what you are putting up with or what you are overlooking in a relationship? Do you have a “type” and is that “type” no really a good fit for you? What can YOU do better or differently in a relationship? Are you contributing to the failing of your relationships and do you have patterns that you need to break so that history doesn’t keep repeating itself?

I recently had a client who could not stand being single. This person had a job and a family to take care of but was still always looking to be out and about, for something to do and for someone to be with. My suggestion to my client was to grab a couple of books. They didn’t need to be anything in particular, just whatever was of interest at the time and to spend “alone” time reading for the next few months. The weather was nice so I suggested that the reading could take place outside or by a pool. Another suggestion I had was to take up a hobby or to take a class. Nothing expensive, but just the intention to learn or to explore something new. To other clients, I suggest things like exercise. Nothing serious, if that isn’t their thing, but even 20 minutes a day walking, or trying some yoga can help to fill your time as well as to help you focus mentally.

My best advice to anyone who has just ended a relationship is for you to allow yourself the time you need to see what lessons your last relationship has brought to your attention. Each relationship you have had has taught you something. Maybe it is something good. Maybe it is something not-so-good. Either way, you need to take that information and grow! But this can’t happen if you are off and running into a new relationship.


Have you put yourself “on a break” before moving on to another relationship? What did you learn about yourself? What did you discover about your relationship patterns? You can reply in the comments section below or join the discussion on Facebook at: //