As an Empath, You May Find it Easier to be More Productive When Others are Asleep

As an Empath, you may find that you are more productive when you wake up early before others do, or stay up late after others have gone to rest. As Empaths, we can feel the energy of all living things, obviously this includes people. And though the whole world doesn’t really sleep all at the same time, people who live with us, or who live near us are generally in a state of rest at the same time. When those near us are at rest, so is their energy and therefore an Empath can use this as an opportunity to revitalize their energy and to actively accomplish things. This can be especially helpful if you live with multiple people, or in a densely populated area. You may feel that you are able to get more things done and feel more at peace while doing them.

Are you an Empath? An Empath can feel and take on other people’s (both positive and negative) emotions, energy and, or, physical symptoms,  and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Empaths are emotional sponges and have a higher sensitivity to outside stimuli such as sounds, crowds, and hectic environments. Empaths are gifted at reading body language and energy and have the intuitive gift of Clairempathy. You can read about the traits of being an Empath by following this link:


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